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Nike Pegasus Trail 2; Olive

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

The Door to Trail, Purpose Made Shoe?

Let's start with this - Nike wanted to make a statement with this shoe and they did.

So much so that "Sneaker" stores like Size? have started stocking this as a bit of a fashion statement. That's not what we're here for, so how do they perform.

The Outer Sole and Mid Sole Ride Feel

“Full React foam from toe to heel, with the air zoom bag under the forefoot to replicate the Pegasus 37”

My experience with the Pegasus 37 was... anticlimactic. The ride was so comfortable, the sole was soft and it gave me hopes of a comfortable long ride. That being said, there was no kick from the shoe, it's called "react" foam with this promise that it had good energy return and I wasn't getting it. So, going into the Pegasus Trail2 I knew that, and I almost hoped for it. Trail is tough and ever changing terrain, trails, gravel, rocks and grass, so you need something that'll give you longer term comfort without sacrificing control.

With that, the trail2 differs from the 37 with the outer sole. Everyone calls it "mountain bike tyre" style lugs to describe the material of the outer sole. A strong rubber that ensures durability, gives a really good grip but still somehow gives you good surface feel...

Controlled Comfort.

You can see the terrain change in the video. I was running on gravel, grass, trail and dry mud - rough tarmac, as well as the freshly paved smooth stuff. While you never felt out of control, and always felt super comfortable... this shoe was meant for the rough stuff, and you felt that when running on tarmac.

But the weight...

“React foam, gator like cuff, "mountain bike tyre" lugs... does this all make for a clunky shoe?”

Here's where individuality comes into it. I'm a 5'10/5'11 guy who's 80kg+, my threshold pace is 7;16 a mile, I'm no olympian when it comes to these efforts... so for me, a heavier shoe that gives me longer term comfort and allows me to feel comfortable later on in the run, so much so not to hamper endurance - I'm happy.

However, if you're lighter, or competitive when it comes to trail running and you want something that's going to do all of the above, and be a speed machine - then maybe the Peg Trail2 isn't the one.

This shoe is designed; in my opinion, for the newbie trail runner - or someone who's looking for comfort over speed. There are so many trail running shoes on the market at the moment that pack in the features for comfort, control and speed in a much lighter weight shoe, that it makes me think that this isn't what Nike were going for. They wanted to create the door to trail running shoe for those that're getting inquisitive about taking their runs off road...

The Ratings

~ Fit for Purpose:

9/10. Nike went out to create a Door to Trail Shoe, they didn't promise a trail race specific shoe, and it felt good on all the terrain I tested it on. A solid performance.

~ Comfort:

9/10. I knew what to expect from the Peg37's, that squishiness that I didn't enjoy in my long runs, I almost hoped for when it came to a trail shoe.


7/10. Sneakerheads may be going out of there way to go get them, but realistically are you going to use them for much more than trail running? Probably not. The reason it scores more than a 5?.. The Sneakerheads, and the design.


9/10. You'll get miles out of this shoe... It'll take something special to wear down or break this thing. Nike know what they're doing.


9/10. £115... There's trail shoes out there much closer to £150, and the race specific versions, or those with more specific features are higher. You get a lot of shoe for a very average shoe price!

~ Overall:


A solid effort for a door to trail shoe, something that caught the attention of the design conscious sneakerheads but also the inquisitive trail runner. It's not Nike's first rodeo in this market and you could tell.


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